Lesbian Sex Scandals

Sexual Practices, Identities, and Politics

Edited by Dawn Atkins, MA
1999, Haworth Press Inc.
Also published as a special issue of the Journal of Lesbian Studies, Volume 3, Number 3, 1999.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Lesbian Sex Scandals
by Dawn Atkins

To(o) Queer or Not? Queer Theory, Lesbian Community, and the Functions of Sexual Identities
by Dana R. Shugar

What Do You Call a Lesbian Who's Only Slept with Men? Answer: Ellen Morgan. Deconstructing the Lesbian Identities of Ellen Morgan and Ellen DeGeneres
by Karen Yescavage and Jonathan Alexander

To Love Women, or To Not Love Men: Chronicles of Lesbian Identification
by Hinda Seif

'Without Contraries Is No Progression': S/M, Bi-nary Thinking, and the Lesbian Purity Test
by Atara Stein

Gender Role Reversal and the Violated Lesbian Body: Toward a Feminist Hermeneutic of Lesbian Sadomasochism
by Teresa J. Hornsby

The Materiality of Gender: Looking for Lesbian Bodies in Transgender History
by Nan Alamilla Boyd

Toward a Dyke Discourse: The Essentially Constructed Stonebutch Identity
by Robin Maltz

Eroticizing Safe Sex: Pedagogy and Performance in Lesbian Video
by Christie Milliken

Women on the Edge of a Dyke-otomy: Confronting Subjectivity
by Myra J. Hird and Jenz Germon

Sticks and Stones
by Sally Abrahams

Lesbian Sexual Renegades?
by Julie Inness

Sex Radical Communities and the Future of Sexual Ethics
by Kathy Rudy
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